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We offer both Western Massage with either a Registered Massage Therapist (optional and covered by most insurance policies), massage expert or aesthetician. We provide a comprehensive list (see above) of alternative massage therapies for individual needs and specifications. All types of massage are excellent for stress and pain management as well as promoting relaxation. Muscles produce waste, which is cleared through muscular movement whether a person is active or inactive. Massage therapies help in prevention and assist in accelerated recovery and symptomatic pain relief from a wide variety of conditions.
Please feel free to ask us about the different types of massage that may be bets suited to your needs.


Strengthens the body's immune system, relaxes, rejuvenates, helps untie painful knots, improves circulation, great for lymphatic drainage. Maintains general and emotional well-being.


Tui'Na (Chinese Massage)

Tui'na treats specific illnesses of an internal nature as well as musculo-skeletal using TCM and holistic diagnostic differentiation. It makes use of a variety of hand techniques and stretching to restore harmony to the musculo-skeletal system and increase circulation of blood and Qi.
Tui'na massage is useful for any type of acute or chronic musculo-skeletal disorder. It is also great for maintaining optimal health and preventing future disease.

Tui'Na Massage