BILL C-6  State Control

You asked us about Bill C-6?
We ask you to learn about and then to please take immediate action against the current Canadian bill, known as Bill C-6, which will have an extremely devastating impact upon all Canadians' personal rights, liberties, and freedoms. It will destroy the ability to manufacture, promote, advertise, and/or sell ANY natural, alternative & complimentary health products, supplements/foods and practices in Canada.
t will also almost completely eliminate our access to such products, as individual consumers making informed, independent choices for ourselves and for our own health.
Bill 6, if passed as legislation, will legalize the entry of Health Canada's inspectors into ANYONE'S home or place of business at any time, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT. They would be able to seize ANY item(s) within your premises (regardless if they are relevant or not to the search), charge you for storage of the item(s), and retain the item(s) indefinitely. Fines would be imposed, potentially up to $5 million dollars. Oh, and you would have NO RECOURSE.
Does that sound fictional and unbelievable, akin to an urban legend? Well, IT IS TRUE.

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-NHPPA’s Goal –
Natural Health Products Protection Association

3 million signatures is the NHPPA’s goal. And we’re confident that this number is achievable because of concerned citizens like you.

As of Thursday,December 24, 2009, the NHPPA has 42 515 petition signatures.

Here’s how you can make a difference - download the Charter of Health Freedom petition from the Charter of Health Freedom website, You can also download a printable version either letter size or legal size of the petition by clicking here letter size or legal size. Then get your family, friends, colleagues, classmates and customers to sign the petition.

The NHPPA is collecting the petitions so send them to this address: #2-953 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5P4.